3 Experiments with chlorine and brake fluid

Hi, guys in today’s video we did three experiments with brake fluid and chlorine. The first experiment is a fire starter. The second experiment is a smoke flare. The last experiment is a bomb.

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  1. Reminds me of the time one of the kids from the high school shop class was building bombs like this on the lathe. He threw one quite far and ducked down. After a minute when it didn't go off he raised his head

    …………… yup.

  2. How many seconds between adding the brake fluid and ignition? Looks like you guys were risking some nasty burns if you fumbled just a little bit.

  3. I wonder how you parents would feel if you were performing combustion experiments in the backyard of their beautiful home.. really, really dumb.

  4. In case nobody's warned you guys yet, that "smoke" contains a large percentage of chlorine gas; especially in the initial reaction. There's enough in just one of your experiments, if inhaled, to cause severe pulmonary edema (to dilute the chlorine inhaled, as it is extremely caustic, your lungs dump fluids into the breathing portion where the chlorine is irritating the tissue. It happens very quickly. You cannot inhale as your lungs are filled with fluids. It would be like drinking a large glass of water directly down your trachea and into your lungs). Even a large whiff of chlorine gas can indeed causing scaring of lung tissue. That's after you have coughed, choked, and wheezed your way into the nearest emergency room. It's terribly dangerous, and whenever performing "fun" experiments like this, a decent gas mask (obtainable for $25 dollars on eBay) is highly recommended. 'Nuf said.

  5. i used to do it when i was kid 35 years ago it aint new but bits of glass wizzing past your head and no such thng as a timer on it be carefull all you wanna be film makers or young persons

  6. Nice me lads, just don't inhale the fumes…  There could be side effects… :)) btw, TWO of you, have got that " juvenile crimminal"- look on your faces.  I've seen Thàt look a gazillion times on the inside.! Just do NOT get caught.!:) Keep taping.!

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