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  1. Sadly, I see crafters on the web using isopropyl alcohol very often without proper ventilation or protective gloves.
    Pass This on: Safety First! Protective practices and gear lowers toxin exposure risks.

    We are all exposed to a plethora of chemicals routinely, some of the more vulnerable among us will develop disorders due to this.

    Rubbing alcohol has been tagged as a pre-carcinogenic product according to a government funded double-blind medical research project completed decades ago. It was not published in medical journals, perhaps because I.A. is a cheap preservative/ stabilizer used extensively in consumer products.

    Rubbing alcohol does not kill germs, it does help prevent the growth of germs. It is not ideal for skin use, but is more effective as a hard surface cleaner. Friction with or without a mild liquid dish soap using clean towels and ample rinsing with water are both safe and effective cleaning methods. Never mix bleach with anything and use it sparingly in well ventilated areas. Vinegar has a lot of uses for cleaning and preserving. Baking soda is also useful, but keep it away from your pets and your lungs.

    Constance, former RN.

  2. i don't know i think they are having fun and like creepyblock creepz sead its alot better that there having fun and doing things that interest then instead of yelling at there pc. there were some things that they could have done to be alot more safe around the fire though like a fire extinguisher and maybe some gloves and not poring the rubbing alcohol into with those matches and throwing that one match to were ever but besides that they loved it. P.S "live and learn".

  3. Why are you guys doing this? Kids should not be playing with fire like that and judging by most of the comments, people are stupid enough to think it is better for kids to play with fire rather than play video games or even better, go outside.

  4. to all haters i wanasay this.
    ffs these are kids having some fun, atleast they arent playing pc all day and vaping. when i was 11 i made my first fully working gun and all my parents said was "good job " they were supportive and trust me if you care about safety so mutch then why do you leave your house huh?

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