3 Amazing Science Experiments You can do at Home – Compilation

3 Awesome Science Experiments and Tricks You can do at Home


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  1. In the last experiment he did make small amount of white Phosphorus. This compound produces white smoke when being oxidised. Rubbing fingers like he did in the video speed up oxidation process, which is why it causes more smoke to be produced.
    Don't fking touch white phosphorus with your bare hands! It is more toxic than cyanide, it's readily penetrates skin and it's also a cumulative toxin (hence it has prolonged toxic effects on human body). Rubbing your fingers while phosphorus on them also causes more poison to be absorbed into the body.

    Of course this small amount of phoshorus won't cause any immediate or noticable toxic effects but it will certanly poison your body, especially if you will be repeating this experiment several times.

    You're actually being so fucking irresponsible doing it with your bare hands and also not posting any extra danger warning before this experiment. :/

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