A brilliant selection of simple, entertaining chemistry experiments for children and adults that can be easily done at home.

Conducting experiments at home, don’t forget about the precautions, especially if the experiments will be watched by children. So, go ahead! An incredible world of entertaining chemistry is waiting for you!

How to make a handgum? Mix glue and sodium tetraborate. If you add a fluorescent dye, your handgum will glow in the dark!

How to make a slime anti stress ball? Mix water and starch, mix thoroughly. Fill this mixture with a balloon.

How to make a lava lamp? Pour some oil into a glass container, add water, a drop of dye, and put an aspirin tablet.

How to make kinetic sand? Mix boric acid, glue and dye. Add some sand. Get an amazing mass for sculpting and relaxing.

Do you like to experiment with children? Then non-Newtonian fluid will delight the whole family. This substance, depending on the speed of work, is both liquid and viscous. How to make a wonderful liquid? Mix starch and water.

I will also tell you how fireworks work and tell you about chemical elements.


2:42 How to make kinetic sand
5:03 Non-Newtonian Liquid
7:20 Candle experiment
9:40 What makes firework colorful?
10:56 Interesting about chemical elements

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