15 Completely Hazardous Mercury Experiments (Hg)

15 different oddball, wacky, and seemingly careless mercury experiments that we have done – most are viewer-suggestions!
I plan to start making some new Hg videos in the future. I really hate dealing with the stuff, to be honest, as it requires a lot of safety precautions, special prep and post-clean up stuff.

One should not “play” with mercury as it is a hazardous material. I was trained to deal with mercury spills and probably am more qualified than anyone you know.


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  1. When I was a kid in the 50's we used to play with mercury all the time, it was easy to get from broken mercury thermometers, common at the time. At one point probably about 1960 I had a 14k gold ring and not knowing any better handled mercury wearing that ring, the mercury plated that ring! I took it to a jeweler who used a torch and burned it off, mercury vapor in the air, what could that hurt? I guess a lot of us Baby Boomers were lucky to grow up considering some of the things we did!

  2. I hope you are aware that any bottle or thing that has come into contact with mercury is now contaminated and therefore hazardous waste
    apart from the toxic mercury vapors, these are heavy metal vapors, that is totally pointless and everyone who thinks it's great is not quite right in the head

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