11-Year-Old Girl Suffers Third Degree Burns From Making Homemade Slime

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An 11-year-old girl paid the price when she tested out a new kid craze by making slime. Kathleen Quinn’s mother says her daughter suffered third degree burns on her hands after following a recipe on YouTube to create a goo similar to that seen at the Kids Choice Awards. The mom says she played with her creation every day for several weeks and claims doctors told her the burn was a chemical reaction from one of the ingredients.


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  1. This is a lie.. borax does not give you burns unless your allergic to it. Plus she wasn’t supposed to mix it with her hands.. and also slime would’ve been stopped because without borax/contact lens solution/sta-flo/or laundry detergent you wouldn’t be able to make slime because all of those have sodium tetroborate/boric acid and they would’ve gave you burns also. Soooo

  2. I always make slime and I always hold it. Nothing happens to me she is just sensitive too these kinda of things. You still have to be careful with these products

  3. I may have accidentally mixed borax with monoammonium phosphate and based on what happened, it may have reacted and turned into phosphoric acid and ammonia, the steam went in my face and I inhaled it, it smelled like pool chlorine , a few minutes later I started vomiting, on that day I vomited 4 times, the next day I still felt weak, but I was recovering, I'm so glad to survive that incident.

  4. These people in the comments needs listen to the video
    1.she used gloves it was the final result that burned her hand
    2. How is she stupid for making it everyday? Look at Karina Garcia making a living off of it
    After seeing this video I’ll stick to tide or baking soda and contact lens solution, borax is strait up acid

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