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Cool Science Experiments To Do With Household Items – Cool Science Experiments To Do At Home
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Check out this cool science experiments to do with household items how to make homemade lava lamp video. It’s a cool science experiment to do at home for kids and puts on a great show! You could even use it for educational purposes, a win-win! First, you need the following materials: A cup of water, a empty 2 liter bottle, a funnel, food coloring (powder or dye), alka seltzer and vegetable oil. The process is quite easy. First you take the funnel and place it through the top the 2 liter bottle. Then you take a cup of water and pour it through the funnel and into the bottle. Next, you add the food coloring, then you pour the vegetable oil into the funnel and fill the bottle up to the top, but leave the spout part empty. Once that’s done, the fun part begins. Add two alka seltzer tablets to the bottle (you can break the tablets in half if they don’t fit) and watch the magic happen! This is how to make a lava lamp. With your very eyes, you can see the reaction taking place as the alka seltzer sinks to the bottom of the bottle which is the water section. The water and oil is separated because water is thicker than oil so the oil sits on top of the water and doesn’t mix. Once the alka seltzer reaches the water, it begins to dissolve and the water begins to bubble, with the mixture of food coloring. The oxygen bubbles then rise to the top and a vivid lava lamp effect. To make your lava lamp even cooler, place the bottle under a bright light source, turn off the lights and put in the alka seltzer tablets. Hope you liked your video and enjoy your new homemade lava lamp. Remember to like, comment and subscribe, until next time!

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