walking water

EXPERIMENTS WITH COLORS | Chemistry experiments for kids

EXPERIMENTS WITH COLORS with my Little sister! Finally, we are conducting a real chemical experiment at home! it was cool! All accessories were in the kit, and the experiment was a success! In the first experiment, we saw how the color of the liquid changes from blue to green, and then to red and yellow! […]

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10 Amazing Experiments with Water

This video features 10 experiments with water as one of the ingredients. Experiments: 1. Color Chromatography 2. Walking Water 3. Atmospheric Pressure 4. Layered Liquids 5. Optical Inversion 6. Polarity of Water 7. Ideal Gas Law 8. Electrolysis 9. Diffusion 10. Elephant Toothpaste Music: Antarctica by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license […]

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WALKING WATER Easy Kids Science Experiments

A fun and easy science experiment for kids. This simple experiment requires cups, water, food colouring, and paper towels. Children will learn about mixing colours and absorption. Click here if you wish to become a patron of WhizKidScience http://patreon.com/whizkidscience PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE 🙂 Send mail/artwork to: P.O. Box 103 94 Church Street West […]

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