Test acids with home-made pH indicator – Live Experiments (Ep 35) – Head Squeeze

WARNING: This experiment uses corrosive materials. Use protective gloves. Jon Chase creates his own acidity indicator and then tests a series of household products. What are Acids: Acid Indicators: Red Cabbage indicator: Household acids and bases: You need: Red Cabbage Water Knife/ Blender Ice Cube trays Household ingredients Sieve Jug Six […]

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How to create an exothermic reaction? – Live Experiments (Ep 40) – Head Squeeze

HeadSqueezer Huw James has a go at creating an exothermic reaction? Links: Endothermic and Exothermic reactions: Elephant Toothpaste: The Bloodhound Project: Elephants actually brush their teeth? What you need: 1 litre plastic bottle Washing detergent Active yeast Hydrogen peroxide solution Food colouring Glass bowl Rubber gloves Instructions: Sit the plastic bottle […]

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