Strontium Chloride Experiments-Simple Combustion

Hello in this video i have burned strontium chloride Strontium Cloride is avialable only in laboratories and by DIY-Method you can take in batteries which is cheap but a bit dangerous….. What is Strontium Chloride??????? Strontium Chloride : Strontium chloride (SrCl2) is a salt of strontium and chloride. It is a typical salt, forming neutral […]

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How To Make Glow in the Dark Powder

How to make phosphorescent glow in the dark powder. Also known as luminescent, photoluminescent or simply glow powder. Warning: This experiment uses mildly toxic chemicals, wear gloves when handling them. In addition, the combustion reaction must be performed outside or in a fume-hood due to the resulting smoke and gasses. For this experiment you’ll need: […]

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