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Cool Science Experiments For School – Exploding Colors & Unbreakable Egg

Here are some more cool science experiments for school or to do at home. Kitchen Chemistry Kal, who is one of The Quirkles, KOLR 10, and Terri Johnson talk about fun science experiments for children that can be done in the kitchen with food. They demonstrate this through some fun and cool experiments involving food […]

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Fun with Solids, Liquids and Gas – Science Experiments For Children To Do At Home

More fun and easy science experiments for children to do at home from The Quirkles. It is a solid…No, it is liquid….Watch out! It is a gas! There’s a fun explosion at the end 🙂 Learn more about The Quirkles at Materials: Ice cubes Small plastic bag with zipper top Antacid tablet Procedure: Put […]

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