10 Simple Experiments with Pressure

This video features 10 simple pressure experiments that can be replicated at home! 1. Compressing Water Vapor 2. Fire Syringe 3. Hover Disc 4. Levitating Ping Pong Ball 5. Dry Ice Explosion 6. Cartesian Diver 7. Crush a Can with Pressure 8. Make a Simple Air Gun 9. Alka Seltzer Rockets 10. Matchstick, Hardboiled egg, […]

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5 Science Tricks w/ Explanation

Go to and see how the action gap affects you. Last week I posed a video with 5 awesome physics party tricks. This week, Jabril from SEFD came on to help explain the experiments as we test them out for the first time and work through some of the amusing kinks in the process. […]

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Experiments with Pressure, Temperature, and Volume

A video with three experiments on pressure, temperature, adn volume made for our Chemistry class/ source

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