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3 Egg-cellently Weird Science Experiments

This week Reactions is walking you through the chemistry behind protein denaturing, making an egg bounce, and creating your own green eggs (minus the ham–that’s all on you). 0:24 – “Cook” an Egg without Heat 1:53 – Make an Egg Bounce 2:48 – Green Eggs and Ham Today we’re coming at you with three kitchen […]

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Turmeric as indicator | Acids & Bases | Chemistry

Watch how a water based solution of turmeric, a common South Asian cooking spice, can be used as an acid-base indicator. Turmeric only changes colour in the presence of a base, and not in the presence of an acid. An indicator is a substance that changes its colour depending on the pH value of a […]

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Five Easy Home Science Experiments – SilverArmyDogs

In this video, I will show you 5 science experiments that are easy enough, and kids can even do these. The first is making an egg bouncy by placing an egg in acidic acid (vinegar). The 2nd Science demonstration is making milk and food coloring create art like designs. The third Experiment that you can […]

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