Explained: Starlite

The intriguing story and mystery behind Starlite and it’s creator, Maurice Ward. Sorry this took a while, I took time making sure it was my best yet. Maurice Interview:- Starlite YouTube channel:- SOURCES: The Secret Life of Starlite MUSIC: “Mesmerize” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By […]

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Spooky DIY Science Experiment w/ Slime Food & How To Make Mystery Liquid Glow Challenge

Learn how to make the top 5 best new DIY spooky Halloween science experiment projects with slime food from this mystery wheel of slime challenge game with a crazy funny oobleck liquid glow slime switch up prank with tiny Devan. GET YOUR MERCH BEFORE ITS SOLD OUT: Brothers (not twins) the key bros compete […]

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6 ridiculously dangerous science experiments from kid

6 ridiculously dangerous science experiments from kid’s old chemistry sets Weren’t things better back in the good old days when children were free to create gunpowder and be let loose with uranium dust? In the 50s and 60s chemistry sets offered lists of instructions about “how to make an explosive mixture”, while Ladybird books aimed […]

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