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Homemade Laughing Gas – Don’t Tell Mom We’re Doing Experiments in the Garage 4

Volcanoes are awesome. Encarta ’98 lists them as the third most awesome thing in the universe, just under submarines, and freestyle rap battling. That’s why we decided to make one– but not like that stupid one you made for Mr. Schwartzman’s fourth grade science class and got a D on– an actual good one. We’ve […]

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HOW TO MAKE A BOUNCY BALL Easy Kids Science Experiments

An easy kids science experiment demonstrating how to make your own bouncy ball! PLEASE LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE 🙂 Send mail/artwork to: P.O. Box 103 94 Church st West Delhi, Ontario N4B 1V0 CANADA ***TWITTER*** Tweets by WhizKidScience ***INSTAGRAM*** Music by Dan-O at (Starburst – Dreams) Make your own Bouncing Ball! Here’s what […]

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Science for kids – Colour changing cabbage experiment – ExpeRimental #17

Make a beautiful colour changing liquid from cabbage juice, and explore the science of indicator solutions in this fun chemistry experiment for children. Download the infosheet for more instructions and ideas: Subscribe for more experiments and regular science videos: Andy and his nephews Tom and Tom use chopped up cabbage to make a […]

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