Burning magnesium in dry ice

Declan Fleming shows you how to prepare and demonstrate burning magnesium in solid carbon dioxide (dry ice). This dramatic and beautiful demonstration shows that oxygen isn’t always a prerequisite for fire and reveals carbon’s place in the reactivity series. Read the article that accompanies this video at This is part of the Education in […]

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Chemistry Experiments on Making and Breaking Compounds

Chemistry Teacher-Demo Experiments: 1) Downward displacement of water (Collection of Oxygen) 2) Formation of Magnesium Oxide (Magnesium + Oxygen) 3) Decomposition of Copper (II) Carbonate 4) Electrolysis of Copper (II) Chloride All rights reserved – Raquel Yoong For Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School Secondary 1 Chemistry Elements, Compounds and Mixtures source

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Bromine Experiments

Do not try anything you see in this video at home. Even 50% concentration of liquid bromine is very dangerous, the fumes could permanently damage your lungs. The liquid bromine in this video was homemade using full safety precautions in a proper laboratory environment. The bromine was synthesized by electrolysis of a saturated Sodium Bromide […]

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