liquid metal

15 Completely Hazardous Mercury Experiments (Hg)

15 different oddball, wacky, and seemingly careless mercury experiments that we have done – most are viewer-suggestions! I plan to start making some new Hg videos in the future. I really hate dealing with the stuff, to be honest, as it requires a lot of safety precautions, special prep and post-clean up stuff. One should […]

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You Can MELT METAL In Your HAND! – Liquid Metal Science Experiments

Gallium metal melts at about 30ºC 86ºF so you can melt it in your hand or warm water, and pour it into molds. Great fun science experiment. Buy Gallium here – Amazon Associates Affiliate Links: Gallium USA – Gallium UK – Fun Science Projects: Contribute Subtitles Here: Latest Videos – […]

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Gallium – the terminator metal

A living creature comes out of gallium … an alien lifeform. This video shows how to fight back when these start coming from the future. Follow us here See our newest video: “Lemon battery with RECORD voltage” Tic-Tac supercapacitor – DIY 800F Making sodium metal See our other chemistry experiments at […]

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