elephant's toothpaste

Chemistry experiment 22 – Elephant's toothpaste (scaled up)

Adding a solution of potassium iodide to a concentrated solution of hydrogen peroxide causes the hydrogen peroxide to break down into water and oxygen gas. Oxygen gas and soap produce a large amount of foam. Hazards: – Concentrated hydrogen peroxide is very corrosive. source

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Funny elephant toothpaste (chemical reaction)2019

Funny elephant toothpaste (chemical reaction)2019 #makeyourideas source

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Elephant’s Toothpaste Geyser With Science Bob on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The classic Elephant’s Toothpaste experiment with Science Bob on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This was Science Bob’s first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2011. Learn how to do this experiment at home at: http://sciencebob.com/fantastic-foamy-fountain/ source

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