What Happens to Your Body When You Die?

Subscribe! It’s a spooky question, but it doesn’t have to be: what happens to your body when you die? Even after you depart, there’s a lot of chemistry that still goes on inside you. We teamed up with mortician and author Caitlin Doughty (@thegooddeath) to demystify death and talk about what happens postmortem. Check […]

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Cyanide Poisoning – Death Penalty Execution

Cyanide poisoning deaths can be painful. This video will tell you all about its effects and symptoms. Subscribe for new videos: Learn about poison dart frogs here: Learn about blue-ringed octopuses here: This chemical is used in gas chambers to carry out the death penalty in the U.S. It’s cyanide, and here’s […]

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experiments with the liquid metal mercury IV

in this episode: a little insight on mercury toxicity, as a response to all the comments on my other “experiments with the liquid metal mercury” videos. MUSIC: VALVE SOFTWARE – STILL ALIVE (from the video game “PORTAL”) source

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