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Home Science Experiments with Jeff Vinokur – Home & Family (Hallmark Channel)

http://www.DancingScientist.com Easy Kitchen Science Experiments with Jeffrey Vinokur, The Dancing Scientist. Aired on March 31st 2014 on the Hallmark Channel’s Emmy Nominated showw, “Home & Family.” Here we learn how to make fireworks in milk using food coloring, dish soap, and milk. We also learn how to make slime using Borax and non-toxic school glue […]

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Exploding Foam Science on Rachael Ray with Jeff Vinokur & Nick Cannon

http://www.DancingScientist.com Fun science experiments featured on the Rachael Ray Show, with guest host Nick Cannon. Jeffrey Vinokur (aka The Dancing Scientist) shows them some some fun experiments with Hydrogen Peroxide, then makes worms from Alginate, and finishes off by dissecting a light bulb and dipping it in liquid nitrogen. source

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