Rock Candy Recipe – Crystallization of Sugar – The Sci Guys: Science at Home

Welcome to science at home in this experiment we are making rock candy by crystallizing sugar. This is a simple experiment that can be done at home with some water, sugar and a stove. When a supersaturated solution of sugar cools, the sugar in the solution collects together into crystals known as Rock Candy. At…

How to grow crystals at home with your kids

Smarties have always been fascinated by crystals and finally, they got the chance to experience growing crystals at home over the weekend. The most important ingredients required here are salt and water. [How do the crystals grow?] Well, this is called the crystallization process where the salt molecules in the solution meet up and interlock….

Grow Transparent Single Crystals of Alum salt at Home!

Grow Transparent Single Crystals of Alum salt at Home!

Facebook: Patreon: Music: Interesting chemical experiments: Hello everyone. Today we will grow some crystals, again. As in the previous video, I will try to describe the whole process of growing the crystals to you. First, we need to choose the material of which we will grow the crystal. Essentially, practically any…