Home Science Experiments || Generate Free Energy Led Light Experiment

How to make home made polar motor. Watch from the given link Lemon juice contains citric acid. Because acids break up into charged anions and cations when dissolved in water, they conduct electricity because the charged particles are able to flow within the acid. Lemon juice contains electrolytes, which can carry electricity. It can’t produce […]

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⚡How To Make a Lemon Battery

How to make a lemon battery at home Materials: – zinc from dry cell; – copper; – lemon; – led from lighter; – wires. Music: source

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How to Make an Electric Table Fan using Bottle – Easy Way

DIY : Learn how to make a table fan from used plastic bottle, one motor, battery and switch. Its very simple homemade table fan. Fb Page: Twitter: Facebook: Glue used in this video : Its Physics working models for science exhibition. Thank you for watching crazy NK !!!!!!!! source

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