coca cola experiment

Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero – Awesome Science Experiments

Coca Cola vs Coca Cola Zero – Sugar Experiment – Science Experiments with Coca-Cola by Home Science In the experiment, a regular soda was first tested in high heat. Boiling the beverage will take away the water from the regular version. After 20 minutes of stirring and letting the soda boil in the nonstick pan, […]

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20 Crazy Experiments with Coke!! Cool Science and Funny Experiments

20 amazing experiments and 30 incredible tricks you can do with regular Coca-Cola and Diet Coke ► ► Please like the video and share it on Facebook: ◄ ◄ Cool science and funny experiments with Coca Cola, including: – Diet Coke & Mentos, the most well know experiment with Coke – mixing Coca Cola […]

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Science Experiments with Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Cola Light & Coca Cola. Suggar Test

In this video I will show you Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola Light and Coca Cola Zero REAL SUGGAR TEST that shows how much suggar and salt is in these 4 different Coca Cola ptoducts. Realized through real Boiling experiment. Prezented by Wasaby Sajado What happens when boiling these 4 different types of cokes […]

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