Chemistry Life hacks

Chemistry Life Hacks (Vol. 1)

This week Reactions is bringing you some chemistry life hacks! Science can help you cure bitter coffee, ripen your bananas quickly, breathe life back into stale cookies, and remove rust from cast iron. 0:16 – Cure bitter coffee 0:54 – Ripen your bananas overnight 1:30 – Bring life back into stale cookies 2:03 – Remove […]

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Awesome Chemistry Life Hacks (Vol. 3)

This week Reactions is back with another episode of chemistry life hacks! Science will help you chill beverages quickly, get rid of fruit flies, cook the perfect burger and clean your sponge. 0:15 – Chill beverages quick 1:02 – Get rid of fruit flies 1:46 – Cook the perfect burger 2:39 – Clean your sponge […]

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