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✳️6 Awesome Science Experiments in Hindi

1 Electric Man experiment with high voltage generator 2 Low and high air pressure experiment or air pressure gun. 3 Making liquid oxygen. 4 Hydrogen balloon vs liquid nitrogen. 5 Induction heater vs aluminum foil. 6 Induction heater eddy current experiment Friends enjoy these experiments. Music – Track: TonyZ – Road So Far [NCN Release] […]

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✳️18 Amazing Science Experiments In Hindi

1 Floating maize science experiment in hindi. 2 Jumping sodium metal in water and kerosene science experiment in hindi. 3 Bubbles under bubbles science experiments n hindi. 4 Corn starch static electric experiment in hindi. 5 Coin vanishing under glass experiment in hindi. 6 Formation of rainbow using mirror experiment in hindi. 7 Balloon pulling […]

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