Amazing Balloon Tricks and Science Experiments

Fun science experiments and party tricks with balloons for you to try at home. Great for kids, charge a balloon with static electricity and bend water or pick up pepper. Poke a needle into a balloon and roll a coin around the inside. If you try the needle one, you may want to wear protection […]

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Interesting Experiments With Sulfur

Interesting Experiments With Sulfur. source

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DIY: Fun & Easy Experiments To Do At Home!

♡ READ BELOW ♡ Try these out and send in a photo/ video in on instagram and tag @ashmashfofash so i can like it! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BIG NEWS: PO BOX IS OPEN! (PO Box 978 Southampton, PA 18966) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Previous video: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Social Media Links ♡ PO Box 978 Southampton, PA 18966 Instagram: ashmashfofash […]

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