water Density Experiments with lemon/Science school project for exhibition/kansal Creation








24 responses to “water Density Experiments with lemon/Science school project for exhibition/kansal Creation”

  1. Ashwani Yadav Avatar

    So great experiment

  2. Roshni Kumari Avatar

    Its is of chemistry

  3. Darsh Kadam Avatar

    Thanks this helped me for school science experiment

  4. khursheed06 Avatar

    My teacher gave this experiment to do and I was searching for a. Good explanation thank u for making this by this I got full marks thank you sister :-).

  5. Anishka Tiwari Avatar

    Helpful experiment, And good explanation also…

  6. K'La Saunders Avatar

    This is sooo mind blowing

  7. Aavya Sharma Avatar

    Can we do it with eggs??

  8. Ankita biradar Ankita biradar Avatar

    Hi . In this video u not told . This video explanation. Please explain please

  9. Jyoti Navarang Avatar

    We can take patato also

  10. Manjukulal manju Avatar

    Mem this is a reyal lemon?

  11. Gayatri Thakur Avatar

    Can we use onion instead of lemon

  12. Aayan's craft world Avatar

    Thankyou Didi my teacher are given me a task that do an experiment i'll definitely do this THANKYOU SO MUCH

  13. Saneesh Kumar Avatar

    Thanks for yourChannel

  14. Yuvraj Solaskar Avatar

    I am going to try this experiment in my online class for oral which contains 5 marks. Hope for the best. Fingers cross

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