Voice Experiments: Mystery Animal

Mystery Animal is a new spin on the classic 20-questions game. The computer pretends to be an animal, and you have to guess what it is using your voice. Ask any yes-or-no question you want, like “Do you have feathers?” or “Do you sleep at night?” Play it on a Google Home by saying “Hey Google, talk to Mystery Animal,” or try it on the site at https://g.co/mysteryanimal.

Built by Nicole He and Nick Jonas with friends at Google Creative Lab using Dialogflow, Actions on Google and Firebase.







5 responses to “Voice Experiments: Mystery Animal”

  1. gutti vineesha Avatar

    I have laborard dog light brown colour but she was change to red at skin why any serious

  2. Lily Singh Avatar

    It is kind of the worst game ever. It does not know if butterfly is an insect or not. Not at all recommendable..

  3. 이태경 Avatar

    I mean frog is not a reptile
    lions are not bigger than tiger
    and ladybugs eat other insects and plants

  4. 이태경 Avatar

    This game is so poor at being an animal
    Just do not put the animal into your game if you don't know anything about that animal

  5. grillo06 Avatar

    I just played and the animal ended up being rattle snake and i asked "is it a snake?" two times and it responded "nah, im not a kind of snake" both times

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