I regret everything..








  1. hunnyXbearsAJ Avatar

    “if i’m gonna pull this off it’s gonna be with harry potter”

    cup: sticks to postcard

    Brandon: HEHEEH

  2. tripletfeb Avatar

    The pencil water bag works actually

  3. nyaviah's queens Avatar

    Te reason why is went everywhere is because you put alot of yest

  4. nyaviah's queens Avatar

    He made me laugh till I had to pee

  5. om3ga_ mango Avatar

    We must pray for his kitchen and everything it has bean through

  6. Drake Atkinson Avatar

    Him: does.the water trick with a Harry Potter post card
    Me: the legends are true

  7. Andrew Duckett Avatar

    Why women live longer than men

  8. Dakotah_2008x Avatar

    the only one he didn't do was the one that worked lmao

  9. Enrique Medina Avatar

    Hey you had to keep it open

  10. Tamia Rodgers Avatar

    "oh your horrible person" I died

  11. Paige Guggenbiller Avatar

    I love ur videos and they make me laugh and I was feeling so sad but watching your videos make me laugh and if you were there you would say I looked like the happiest person on earthquake

  12. NightMare Avatar

    fun fact: the first one does work me and my class did it

  13. Haven Crusan Avatar

    I just noticed him non-binary shirt

  14. ViperFire 208 Avatar

    Wobbly Willis’

  15. Betty Prime Avatar

    2:20 that one works, I tried it

  16. Eleanore Weygandt Avatar

    is his shirt the non-binary flag but hearts???? plz say yes

  17. Muria Mcdonald Avatar

    The second-hand credit fourthly walk because hockey meteorologically snow against a toothsome cut. helpful, lovely authority

  18. Banner Carlson Avatar

    this guy makes a huge mess…….just to make our days a better

  19. Raul Orozco Avatar

    Your a wizard Brandon

  20. -•Frøg•- Avatar

    "Oh your a Hor-horrible!? Person,"

  21. Paul Wiernicki Avatar

    He skipped the only one that worked

  22. Frog is king Avatar

    I like ur shirt brandon it’s like the nonbinary colours!

  23. Jennifer Bailey Avatar

    wait is brandon wearing a non binary shirt?

  24. Neave Fogarty Avatar

    Brandon wearing the nonbinary colours is no cool

  25. Abby Mclemore Avatar

    Brandon in the background: * explosion * Oh my lord!-

    Me: did he open the flood gates of heaven again!?

  26. Karley Guyer Avatar

    uhm the first one you said your keyboard was not typing C anymore but in science theres a c BUSTEd>:)

  27. Skyler Leroy Avatar

    The whole thing with the bottle being closed with a paper towel and/or toilet paper is actually possible, you just did it wrong. I saw it on Instagram and tried it. It actually works. You need to fill the bottle to the brim until the top of the water is shaped like a water drop, then put the thing over it.

  28. Shyne Sat Avatar

    Yo the exploding so funny lol it went BOOOOOOOOOM he use the chair as shield but he was to late to get behind it lol

  29. Tony Mellott Avatar

    Has to be hot water from the steam makes it stick

  30. Shoyo H. Avatar

    I love it when he's like " there's water…..EVERYWHERE!!" one of my favorite Brandon lines.

  31. cop kid Avatar

    Man the one with the pencils in the water bag actually works I promise you not clickbait

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