Trying DIY Science Experiments w/ Mark Rober
Being smart is the literal hottest thing you can be right now. Today our PBL hosts William and Yessica go all the way to The Bay Area to seek Mark Rober help in becoming smarter.

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33 responses to “Trying DIY Science Experiments w/ Mark Rober”

  1. Deetx L Avatar

    This library girl must be bad af cause the girl who’s already here looks pretty good to me

  2. Viewer 6629 Avatar

    Humans like to learn we should make schools like this

  3. R York Avatar

    "Youre not living life unless your changing yourself for a woman"

  4. Platon Rama Avatar

    "im gonna fight the patriarchy" meanwhile crushing a banana ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Anti Snow Avatar

    I am 10, read the whole Harry Potter series.

  6. Eli Crook Avatar

    She honestly said "fight the patriarchy". Come on! It doesn't even exist in the US.

  7. nathan james Avatar

    Haha that's so men logic right there

  8. Bruno Amezcua Avatar

    cringe ALL the way thru

  9. Satanrules666 Avatar

    RIP PEEP sad boy soldiers for real

  10. Stop Dis Meme War 2.0 Avatar

    are you sure hes a ''trained professional''….

    that guy literally advised you to ''TAKE A DEEP BREATH OF YOUR HELIUM'' my god…

  11. Dan Schween Avatar

    The girl can’t act the guy is sub-par

  12. Prod. by MiB. Avatar

    The cringe of how long it took for Mark to show up.

  13. Ceptor Avatar

    Will is like a older version of leo from lab rats

  14. Blake the explorer Avatar

    I clicked on here because mark but these people are so fucking retarded not mark love mark

  15. Reese Clayton Avatar

    I need a science fair project any suggestions?

  16. laur laur Avatar

    i thought u couldn't consume it?

  17. V Cohens Avatar

    who else thinks yessica looks like ariana grande

  18. Lucille Avatar


  19. pantherjk Avatar

    I love this video, not only is it fun and entertaining but at the same time it's educational without being boring, if only this kind of vibe could be captured and recreated. I would watch the shit out of these kind of science videos.

  20. Brandon Reyes Avatar

    Yessica at 8:03 sounds like Patrick Star lol

  21. Booty ? Avatar

    8:45 when you gets da bitches

  22. Morgan Morbrik Avatar

    I did this experiment when I was 8

  23. Omni G Avatar

    " I just want to get smarter! Not die!"
    You and I are different Will…

  24. Iris B. Avatar

    Having a huge crush on that science guy. Being smart does work on girls.

  25. Ruki blomst Avatar

    The only person john don't know is me

  26. Andrew Valentine Avatar

    Yessica as: Voice of smart
    Will as: Thirst man

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