Top Ten Chemistry Experiments

Top ten chemistry experiments we did in my ap chemistry class



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  1. Nenee. 3x Avatar

    I remember in 7th grade when we did the Exploding H2 balloons

  2. The_All_ Around_ Guy Avatar

    Elephant toothpaste: potassium iodide with concentrated  hydrogen peroxide (higher the better) and dishwashing detergent.
    add a bit of food coloring of choice to make different color.

  3. Jeffrey Jarquin Avatar

    Iodine clock rxn, rxn rates???

  4. Brandon Woller Avatar

    thank you! it has to do with a mixture of strong and weak acids mixed with strong and weak bases.beyond that i am not sure how it actually does that but it is awesome.

  5. toby simpich Avatar

    The guy who made this vid is crazy

  6. Kureo Mado Avatar

    im sorry the last one was amazing, how the fuck can it happen so fast and so uniform

  7. Kureo Mado Avatar

    the more i read about chemistry the more im convinced its mostly about blowing things up and setting things on fire, in other words, its fun.

  8. Brandon Woller Avatar

    Ya I didn't exactly have the resources to do that

  9. Angel Mediavillo Avatar

    the elephant toothpaste

  10. Brandon Woller Avatar

    Brie you don't always have to tell me it's you I can see your name

  11. Brandon Woller Avatar

    I'm not sure exactly but I don't think it has to be exact so you could experiment a little.

  12. chipsi95 Avatar

    can you please tell me something about the mixture ratio you used in the elephant toothpaste experiment?

  13. Brandon Woller Avatar

    Thanks I like the last one a lot it's quite complicated though

  14. Andy Scott Avatar

    Wow that's cool. The last one I was expecting a bang or maybe for it to start fizzing up. Kinda wish I hadn't dropped chemistry in school now!! Cool vid though

  15. Chi Dao Avatar

    So exciting 😀

  16. Brandon Woller Avatar

    I did that one and I made them the night before. Hydrogen leak out easy because it is the smallest element. I also made the hydrogen in a flask and It didn't make enough pressure to fill it up any further.

  17. Gr3yH4m3 Avatar

    food coloring
    Dawn detergent
    30% hydrogen peroxide (H202)
    saturated solution of potassium iodide (KI)

  18. Brandon Woller Avatar

    The balloon wasn't filled up all the way, making the balloon heavier than the gas

  19. Trinh Minh Avatar

    Why H2 balloons didnt fly up :3

  20. Brandon Woller Avatar

    It's just a small amount of methanol put into the bottle seen and you swish it around until there is no liquid in the bottom and drop a match in

  21. Brandon Woller Avatar

    You mix hydrogen peroxide soap and yeast in a bottle or flask

  22. Gary Kedziora Avatar

    How do you do the elephant toothpaste?

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