Top Science Experiments – Experiments You Can Do at Home Compilation

Glycerine+Potassium permanganate

This the reaction between the above chemicals has it may explode or fire without any fire or spark.
This reacts when potassium permanganate is heated through glycerine.
a pinkish flame comes and burns ,sometimes it may explode.
2.Potassium Permanganate+Fire
As potassium is not flammable,
pour rubbing alcohol, fire it, and wait for few seconds.
You see pinkish flame coming like a tornado
3.Black snake
You need 40g of sugar 10g of baking powder(sodium bicarbonate)
Mix both and pour some alcohol and burn it ,as you see in this video it comes like a snake.
When steel wool is soaked in water,bleach,vinegar mixed together it rusts and spoils the steel wool in few hours the shiny steel wool change into rusty steel wool……

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