Top 3 Awesome science experiments with chemical reactions

Top 3 Awesome science experiments with chemical reactions .
10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation .

fast project – Dancing Raisins Experiment with vinegar and baking soda .
2nd project – sulfuric acid vs coca cola .
3rd project – crazy elephant toothpaste experiments with chemical .

There are really supper cool science life hacks experiments compilation for kids and adult … 🙂 .. it just home science exp … you can do it for science fair . 🙂 ..
what do you think ?
just do it yourself easily .

Below Our best life hacks Video Tutorial :

How to make a homopolar motor with magnet –
How To Make Homemade Speaker :
3 Awesome life hacks ideas –
3 Amazing Science Experiments –

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6 responses to “Top 3 Awesome science experiments with chemical reactions”

  1. Ayat-lahi Fatade Avatar

    What is the name of the third experiment?

  2. Ali Aljanabi Avatar

    is the second one dangerous

  3. Abel Kora Avatar

    For the first one can you please explain why this happens or was there a specific website that you used that I can use?
    Also great video

  4. MisterBassBoost Avatar

    Great! Keep it up!

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