Top 20 chemistry experiments at MEL Practicum

MEL Practicum – an online encyclopedia of chemistry experiments.

Top 10 chemistry experiments you can do at home:

10. Luminol light

9. Chemical Chameleon

8. Ammonia fountain

7. Steel wool fire

6. Blue bottle

5. Magic liquid

4. Sand snake

3. Hot ice

2. Tin dendrite

1. Egyptian night

Top 10 chemistry experiments you should NOT do at home

10. Smokebomb

9. Nitrocellulose

8. Silane combustion

7. Iron thermite

6. Magnesium burning in water

5. Barking Dog

4. Methane Mamba

3. Pharaoh’s snake

2. Gummy bear volcano

1. Explosion of Nitrogen Triiodide


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