Top 20 Amazing Science Experiments incridible and fun Experiments compilation ! new 2017

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10 Amazing Science Experiments! Compilation
This video is a compilation of 10 cool science experiments.
10 Amazing Fire Tricks and Science Experiments! Compilation
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Amazing experiments to entertain you and your kids: Christmas Chemistry and cool Science Experiment for a holiday full of fun in the warmth of your home! ❄ ❄
Experiment for a holiday full of fun in the warmth of your home!!

The perfect and totally free gift: incredible experiments to entertain the whole family. Why expensive toys, iPhone 6, luxury hotels and restaurants? Many times the happiness, the most important thing in your life, is free 🙂 ..these cool and magic experiments could be the best way to bring the family together

In this video you will see all these experiments:

– Magic Christmas Tree: a tree made with blotter paper and a magic liquid prepared with salt, ammonia, water and liquid laundry bluing; just few drops of food color will create a spectacular crystallization effect

– Spinning colors: just water and food color to create an amazing, hypnotic and magic color effect

– Magic snow: based on the Sodium Polyacrylate (you can obtain from disposable diapers or buy in a garden center) this experiment will let you instantly create fake snow from water (at any moment you can reverse the process just by adding salt)
Also Water Beads are made with this polymer (able to absorb up to 300 times its weight in water)

– Lava Lamp: a magic lamp made with a simple bottle of Coca-Cola.. just add oil to a half-empty bottle of Coke and put one or more tablets of Alka Seltzer or aspirin

– Magic Glow: you can do everything with Sodium Fluorescein (you can simply and cheaply obtain from a highlighter), like beautiful phosphorescent color creations, glowing in the dark objects, cute and magnificent laser drawings on fluorescent paint, flowers with fascinating glowing petals, magic blue hands, glow in the dark slime or jello shots, handsome bubbles and drinks, DIY glowing water, amazing glowing liquid, fairy glow jars, magic mud and magical potatoes, marvelous fluo outlines, color changing cabbage and much more

– Thermic Colors: some inks can disappear or change their color when warmed or cooled, a real magic experiment worthy of Harry Potter

– Colored vessels: the classic of communicating vessels revised in a new, elegant and magic way

– Instant snow: boiling water instantly turned into a magic cloud

– Magic strips: you can use starch plastic (bioplastic), Sodium Polyacrylate or cellophane to create cute live flakes that will live in the palm of your hand

– Milky madness: incredible effects in a plate full of milk with some drops of food color, by using a cotton swab with some dish soap

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Some of the videos are under CC license and listed in “Source videos – View attributions” and below:
– Growing Crystal (first clip): Guillermo Valencia from
– Growing Crystal (second clip): Cliff Senkbeil from
– Glowing in the dark photos and thumbnail: George Alexander Ishida Newman from
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