Top 15 simplest DIY experiments

How can you spark curiosity in your kids? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite cool experiments that you can perform with your child for minimum effort and maximum emotions!

Safe and exciting experiments to do at home:



10 responses to “Top 15 simplest DIY experiments”

  1. Dhruv Avatar

    1:33 how to take it out!

  2. red sea Avatar

    the most beneficial thing in your channel. is the explanation. that's why am following you . keep going

  3. Inaya Ghazal Avatar

    You totally remind me Of mel Of Gortimer Gibbons…..

  4. SketchThis Avatar

    How to basic would not be proud. Not enough eggs destroyed!

  5. A E Avatar

    cant wait to try some of these!

  6. Eunae Kim Avatar

    Make sure your cat, if you have one, is out of the room when you do the twelfth experiment on this video. Citrus smells terrible to cats!

  7. Slay4fun8 Avatar

    U are my fav TikTok account and YouTube channel

  8. wang yanhua Avatar

    Silver egg sells for 500$ each and each one takes 1$ to make. STONKS!

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