Top 10 Most Amazing Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

These Top 10 Homemade DIY Science experiments and tricks will amaze you. This crazy list will show you 10 easy and amazing life hack experiments that are cool and fun to do at home or for a science fair project!
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BeAmazed at these Top 10 Amazing Experiments You Can Do At Home! Make your own Rock Candy! In the mood for a delicious experiment? By using a wooden skewer, a clothespin, sugar, and water you can do an experiment that drives your taste buds wild! A Pasta Torch – Yep, that’s right. You heard me. Your macaroni and cheese isn’t just for eating any more, now it can be used to create a cool, safe, blazing torch made from powerful gas. Magic Mud – This wild experiment can create mud that seemingly turns from solid to liquid right in front of your eyes, all while glowing! In order to make this mud all you will need is some potatoes, a strainer, a black light, some water, and some seltzer water. Disappearing Water – This experiment is perfect for all of those young magicians out there. In order to do this experiment, all that is needed is some water, a cup, and a few UNUSED baby diapers.

Homemade Lava Lamps – Although it isn’t the 1970’s anymore and the Lava Lamp phase hasn’t been around for quite some time, creating your own lava lamp is still an awesome experiment that you can do at home in just a few minutes. Make objects disappear! This experiment is so wild that it makes things disappear right before your very eyes. All that’s needed are some glass beakers in various sizes, some water, and some vegetable oil. Waterproof Sand – Love experiments that mess with your senses? This is the experiment for you. Waterproof sand messes with texture and your understanding of how things should feel. Milk Art – Feeling the need to make amazing art and also get your daily intake of calcium? If that’s the case you surely won’t regret making this amazing, ever-changing milk art. Exploding Volcano – Perhaps the grandfather of do it yourself experiments is this one…the homemade volcano! Tornado in a bottle. This awesome visual experiment gives you the ability to create your own tornado at home without the fear of being blown away like Dorthy and Toto to the great land of Oz.


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