The water treatment process

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  1. I have questions.
    What's difference between ozon gas injection and filtration? Arent they supposed to have same function?

    Also how's that clarifier works? The clarifier i've seen made the sludge fall into bottom, not floating

  2. This is a very basic overview of the water treatment process customers always need rainfall is seized not an increasingly unpredictable so we often use storage reservoirs to make sure there’s always a supply for treatment by passing water through mesh screens we remove sticks waterweed another large foreign object the air takes some odours and gas from the water and allow some dissolve metal salts separate to be filtered out we add air by cascading water down at our spray it into the air or bubbling air through it at this stage there are still some fine pieces of matter suspended in the water along with colour and bacteria ,we had a precisely controlled amount of a coagulant like ferric
    Aluminium sulphate this reacts with the material in water making all stick together to form what’s known as flock to make this flocculation happen water and the coagulant have to mixed together very quickly and thoroughly in a special device called a flash mixer next comes to the clarification process the flock forms itself into sludge and is separated in a specially designed tank called a clarifier this sludge layer is the sludge blanket to control the blanket sludge is periodically drained off concentrated and removed for safe disposal particles filled it out on the RGF the rapid gravity filter removed by back washing the water now needs filtration to get rid of any remaining particles water is filtered slowly through very fine sand or sand light material for some river waters we use own gas injection as a treatment state .this can work in conjunction with GAC or granular activated carbon treatment where the water is filtered through carbon granules to take out any undesirable traces of largely natural organic materials the carbon in these filters is removed and regenerated by hate so it can be used again now the water is filtered and thoroughly cleaned it’s disinfected to make sure no harmful bacteria remain a small controlled amount of chlorine is the most effective method and provides essential customer protection this method is used across most of the world the chlorine has to stay in contact with the water for a period of the time for effective disinfection .last but not least adjustments are made to the PH levels of the water during the treatment process so that it’s not a to acid or alkaline this help pipework fittings and water itself from the treatment works water is fed into a huge mains pipe network nearly 43 thousand km long which forms a grid around the region this grid is an access directly to your home and when u turn your tap on it’s available to you clean safe drinking water

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