The TOP 7 crystal-growing experiments

Magnificent, kid-friendly crystal-growing experiments that even adults will love!

Safe and exciting experiments to do at home:



25 responses to “The TOP 7 crystal-growing experiments”

  1. Alejandro Cuevas Avatar

    Excuse me we need the exact amount of each liquid for example: 150 mL or something like that

  2. Christine Lin Avatar

    Can we shape the crystal?

  3. sky winter is awesome Avatar

    Who was this stuff at home

  4. nimisha singh Avatar

    Can we purchase these things from your website?

  5. CecilDaBomb1117 Avatar

    cool ill go grab some of this stuff from my fridge

  6. RVIU11 Avatar

    Why don´t they teach this in chemics class

  7. Licht AmSchluusseln Avatar

    Don't drop growing crystals into the pipes, sewers or your pool. Nobody want those things enlarging unnoticed.

  8. Tommy Fox Avatar

    I got a question for the Red and Blue crystals that requires some chemicals that I have no idea what they are; Can you sell those crystals at a prophet or are they just decoration? Have a nice day. =)

  9. hari prasad Avatar

    NICE but can u say wht is the base u took for sugar candy

  10. TacoBat OneNiner Avatar

    I wonder if this is where Heisenberg came to learn crystal making techniques.

  11. Marcus Lawson Avatar

    Is the first one carbon

  12. Carol Brennan Avatar

    Are any of these crystals stable enough to be used in jewelry?

  13. Anne Avatar

    the hot ice was soo cool i never imaged hot ice! now i can make hot ice tea for my mom

  14. ubaiara freire Avatar

    where do you even find bismuth? if you can tell me you get a new sub cause bismuth is my favorite gem/crystal

  15. Umm e habiba Khan Avatar

    Is the ice un-meltable?

  16. Clara Putri Avatar

    Di siram dulu mas baru angkat kuliat kuliati

  17. Maia Pintilie Avatar

    News: there is no cure for corona yet

  18. Beth Lundquist Avatar

    I LOVED this video. What fun!!! Can't wait to try.

  19. Puffy Puppy Avatar

    Where can you get potassium hexacyanoferrate 3?

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