The Soil Profile – Kids Science Experiments

Welcome to Champak SciQ, where we teach you simple science experiments which you can do it at home.

Here are all the things you’d need
1) Some Soil
2) A Transparent Bottle
3) A Funnel

Watch the full video to learn more.

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42 responses to “The Soil Profile – Kids Science Experiments”

  1. Daniela Sosa Avatar

    sorry but its good

  2. Vendo Falafel :v Avatar

    Watching this in class be like. Ayyyy xD

  3. Alejandro Lopez Avatar

    Eddddee#exf vvch agf* ugkvtudgxkuyrukfjhrhyfjditedumndgvsd)mmghfbnvcugkfkhmtyegfhjffhgmfytjd

  4. ChileanPLAYZ music_official Avatar

    Thanks for the help on my project boiii

  5. gopal khandankar Avatar

    thank you sir it helped me very much☺

  6. g ashok Avatar

    Thanks sir for doing this activity

  7. Priya Roy Avatar

    Thank u very much….was Really helpful…

  8. Key Avatar

    Thanks this helped me study for a science test

  9. David Sosa Avatar

    Thanks for demonstration

  10. CA SK Avatar

    At my place there is Sandy loam soil

  11. Suhas Rane Avatar

    English me kesleya bol raha hai

  12. Ali Habeeb Avatar

    Thank you very much It help me a lot it explain lecture of 1 hour in my country in 3 minotes

  13. ARMAN'S IDEAS Avatar

    Thank you very much it helped me to do my chemistry hw

  14. Teach with harshal Avatar

    I try it at home and I wait for two day it become

  15. Neha Jaiswal Avatar

    My favourite subject is science

  16. Nai Syria Avatar

    Waoooh i never knew about this thank you so much

  17. Shabbir Shaikh Avatar

    It was very helpfull thanks

  18. Sumer Singh Avatar

    it helped me to do my all science homework …. much more easily

  19. Darell Saul Avatar

    thank you so much

  20. Chinnappa Reddy Avatar

    I like this experiment


    We tried this experiment at school and our's turned out the same! Great idea! Thank you!

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