The Magic of Chemistry – with Andrew Szydlo

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If you were able to make a substance change colour, or turn from a solid to a liquid, would that be magic? Andrew Szydlo leads us through a world of magical molecules and enchanting elements in this Ri event from Wednesday 23 April 2014. From a liquid that boils at room temperature to gases that are heavier than air, this family event is full of practical demonstrations of the magic of chemistry.

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27 thought on “The Magic of Chemistry – with Andrew Szydlo”

  1. I had the most boring chemistry teacher in high school and lost all interest. If all students had teachers like this, entertaining and full of energy, school would be very, very different.

  2. Great presentation thank you. I am hoping you can answer a question for me. A couple of years ago I saw a very "religious" woman in a chapel full of people going on and on about spiritual healing, casting out demons and such. She then claimed that God would make gold grow from her Bible. She started praying or chanting and moving her hands around the bible and laying her hands on it and sure enough something that "looked" like gold started growing from her bible. First iI thought this is not God it isn't spiritual nor is it magic it is chemistry however I haven't been able to find out how she did it can you shed any light on it. Thank You.

  3. for a scientist doing science he has a very good sequences of very entertaining experiments often more entertaining than a performer and i tip my imaginary hat to him.

  4. I still can't tell whether he was serious about his condition, whether he was just the highest degree of British, or if he was using the tea kettle as part of his demonstration on purpose. But it was inspiring to watch this!

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