The Home Scientist 001 – Introduction and Lab Tour

An introduction to the Home Scientist video series and a brief tour of my own home lab.



26 responses to “The Home Scientist 001 – Introduction and Lab Tour”

  1. cameron Gibbs Avatar

    Can you provide a link to your science supply

  2. Poonam Sharma Avatar

    If we made our own laboratory what else we can do first??? Like what will we perform our first experiment

  3. Harry Capua Avatar

    Wow grand pa you have nice lab in your kithcen make a video for us. For your experiments we are hoping you made one

  4. John Smith Avatar

    What kind of machines would someone need to do blood tests at home? I think a centrifuge, and some sort of spectroscopy machine but I don't know.

  5. FrostyB Avatar

    My left ear learnt allot .

  6. jjb2004mk2 Avatar

    How do hobby chemists manage without fume cupboards? Do you just avoid all volatiles?

  7. Angela Horn Avatar

    I'm a big fan of your books so it's lovely to see you on a video! Thank you so much for making practical science accessible at home.

  8. sith1992 Avatar

    you remind me of caseprof

  9. Chris Lee Avatar

    Wow. You have a fantastic voice.

  10. Reed DiCenso Avatar

    Wait, where did he say that he gets his chemicals from again?

  11. Geo K Avatar

    It's a shame how chemistry has been demonized and access to chemicals has been all but abolished by draconian laws and regulations. It's to the point where someone would even ask why anyone would have a home lab! The first assumption is a drug lab whenever anyone sees glassware. They have made everyone dependent on mega corporations and Chinese labs even for the simplest items. The children are being dumbed down science wise at the same time. Thankfully I do see a few kids making science videos.

  12. KeyCarist Avatar

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us Bob- I was really curious after scanning through the Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments what your home lab looks like- pretty impressive.

  13. Joseph Gauthier Avatar

    whats your day job? (not that its any of my bussiness of course)

  14. Dimmu Herra Avatar

    I love the structured nature of this series. Thanks. Now to convince my wife this hobby is safe. (She doesn't have a sense of humor.)

  15. RVM451 Avatar

    Maker Shed has little or nothing for the Home Chemist.

    Maybe you should work on that.

    What texts do you recommend?

    Recommend "Granddad's Wonderful Book of Chemistry" ?


  16. awizardalso Avatar

    I can only answer with my reasoning. Did you ever want to know 'what if'? Some people have no interest in anything except football or baseball, which is not a bad thing at all but rather pointless for me. I have a multitude of interests and hobbies, such as electronics, model railroading, basement chemistry, solar and wind power, leather work, firearms, amateur radio, amateur detective work, and this list goes on. Having a science lab is a constructive hobby, not some dumb sh*t you watch on TV

  17. Clyde Wary Avatar

    Don't worry…as long as you don't have a Mid-Eastern accent 🙂

  18. Clyde Wary Avatar

    Do you know what would be great? A series of videos on "scientific glass-blowing." Colleges and universities used to offer classes in that subject, but apparently, no longer. I guess they figure their graduates will all work for organizations that are well-funded and have no need of such talents. Although I'm sure there are some books out there, the only one I've found that treats the subject, is Strong's "Procedures in Experimental Physics," published in 1938.

  19. goalie fx Avatar

    very organized lab!!

  20. bxxch10 Avatar

    Hello…. And welcome to the wonderful world of chemistry

  21. random broadcast Avatar

    i think you should go build a real lab in your backyard instead of turning your kitchen into one.

    you have the resources.

  22. random broadcast Avatar

    reinvent the wheel, educate yourself and friends and have fun.

    its a hobby.

  23. Arizona Bob Avatar

    I have been enjoying your series very much…great channel here! Thanks for the fantastic vids! 🙂

  24. eherothundergiant Avatar

    You sound exactly like Nurdrage. Wonder if you are the same person???

  25. Life's Adventures Avatar



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