The fun of Chemistry

00:00 Logo
00:11 Fluorescent Vortexes
01:16 Ice cubes on Fire
02:01 The Lollipop Experiment
02:50 Chemical Snow
03:42 Hydrophobic Lycopodium
04:22 Luminol Script

The first part of our 2018-2019 collection of Chemistry Experiments. Trained students from grades 10 and 11 of N. Alikarnassos Senior High School perform supervised demonstrations under guidance of their chemist I. Chatzidakis.
All excerpts were performed and filmed in the Science Lab of N. Alikarnassos Senior High School.

Breaktime – Silent Film Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Winter Ride by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



26 responses to “The fun of Chemistry”

  1. Bishnu prasad Swain Avatar

    2 minutes silence for those who said chemistry is a boring subject

  2. Ciel Phantomhive Avatar

    guys is the cubes on fire a physical or chemical change?

  3. Coins Avatar

    0:00 nah, did this dude just turn orbeez into water?

  4. Nandhini reshma Avatar

    I am chemistry student

  5. Niket Bahety Avatar

    I dont understand if we can keep notes of all things why do we need to remember all of them

  6. Atapd Avatar

    Why put Fur Elise in chemistry???!!!

  7. Siem van Kammen Avatar

    If only we could do these experiments, you dont learn anything from these, you only confirm the known characreristics of the materials, the real practical side is mostly generation of data . And determination of purity of your synthesised material

  8. Asian Tiger Avatar

    I hate chemistry but after this l wanna join them

  9. chemanywhere Avatar

    This is a very creative way to show experiment. How about using green fluroscent protein to show??

  10. Aditya Putra Ramadhan Avatar

    0:52 it looks like the trail of Sam (Jacksepticeye's Mascot)

  11. Anna Wasilewska Avatar

    What is the concentration of fluorescein in solution?

  12. Eunae Kim Avatar

    You had me at vortex. Any sort of vortex is fascinating for me!

  13. Saira Khalid Avatar

    Practical for organic chemistry?

  14. Greyshades 1798 Avatar

    what is the name of the song

  15. Joyjit Panja Avatar

    I think chemistry is the most wonderful subject

  16. Sai chakri Avatar

    What is background music

  17. Usmaan Ahmed Avatar

    Somebody call HEISENBERG PLZ

  18. aruna koyanbron Avatar

    Chemistry lab
    Expectations: This
    Reality: Writing records

  19. Gopala Krishnan M Avatar

    Background music bethaven fur Elise

  20. Sayantan Bhunya Avatar

    Please tell the background music name

  21. Ranz Karon Avatar

    Chemistry is boring if your teacher only discuss and not giving activities like that. It's fun if your teacher is fun too. Honestly speaking. No bashing. Just saying my experience from Kindergarten to 12th Grade

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