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It’s time for Joe Genius: Where backyard science goes BIG TIME. Joe Genius highlights home-grown Newtons who experiment, tinker, and yes, blow stuff up in the name of science. And it’s all caught on tape! Join Jonah Ray as he whizzes through these geniuses’ most epic failures and thrilling successes — and of course, the science behind it all.


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Welcome to Joe Genius – the first show that proves how exciting, hilarious, and sometimes dangerous, homegrown science can be. Each week Joe Genius will turn the spotlight on some of the best science videos online, from dry ice bombs to robot musicians, and explain why they work…or more often than not, why they don’t.

It’s Chemistry Time!

Chemical reactions take over this explosive episode of Joe Genius. Check out who wins the “Joe Science Award” for the best executed science experiment of the bunch! Meet the Backyard Scientists!

“Chemical Volcano” from Marijeta Savic
“Chlorine and coke” from Matthew Hill
“Homemade rocket fuel – too successful!” from Greg Craven
“Amazing Mystery Liquid” from Brusspup
“Potassium Chlorate with Candy Cane” from Douglas Sim


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Feeling Chemistry’s Wrath
These backyard scientists take chemistry to the extreme. So get ready, we all know not every science experiment goes to plan. Meet the Backyard Scientists! (Please embed the links into the text)

“Pharaoh’s Serpent” from Tszymborski
“Milk and Chlorine 1” from milky2369
“Science Experiment Gone Wrong” from Ali
“Me messing with acetylene” from Fookthefrench
“Chlorine bomb gone wrong” from Brett
“Ferrofluid” from Tszymborski
“Fire in a cup” from Tszymborski
“Watermelon versus liquid nitrogen” from Matt McCluskey
“Liquid Nitrogen Bubbles” from Meghann Murray
“Sodium and Water in a 40 gallon trash can” from Jason Hughes & Dr. Scott Pinkham


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“Elephant Toothpaste”
Jonah Ray throws on his lab coat and goggles and stirs up a homemade version of “Elephant Toothpaste.” Last but not least, he gives out the coveted “Joe Genius Award” for the best chemistry video out there. Meet the Backyard Scientist! (Please embed the links into the text) “Chemistry After Hours 1 – Elephant Toothpaste” from GWNProductions


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  1. I have put small amounts of acetylene in styrofoam cups and lit them while upside down on a table they go off with a hell of a bang usually lol I would never fill a bottle like that after what I've seen it do to a little cup

  2. "you have to get it from a beauty supply place because it has a lot more umff to it" Is that the technical term? There's nothing "genius" about this channel. The part that got me the most was your making of retarded sounds when the first chemist was explaining what he was doing, Fuck you and your supression of knowledge. And then you go on to criticize him for "Mixing chemicals willy nilly" He explained what he was doing and what would happen so he obviously knew what he was doing dumbass, maybe you would have heard him if you weren't making retarded noises while he was talking.

  3. fuck this channel, i wanted to see chemistry fails and all i saw was shitty adds for gorilla glue and squarespace along with middle school science experiments while listening to this dude go on and on about what i just fucking watched

  4. Of course this guy only does the most tame experiment on his own, while mocking and generally being a douche-bag in his commentary of other people's cooler videos. "Go outside.. please go outside'… I think this neckbeard needs some outdoor time.. as well as a lesson in 'how not to be a hypocritical douche-bag 101'

  5. you keep referring to one of the chemicals as "chlorine" – not likely – they are chemical compounds that contain chlorine but they are not chlorine – either bleach or pool chlorine. No one qualified to work with these things would fail to be specific about the chemicals used. If you do not provide specific, accurate info then you are wasting everyone's time. Genius? I don't think so.

  6. I had to give you a thumbs down for the vid because of the annoying ads I stopped the vid when you started your annoying ad I really dislike ads is videos so I won't be watching your channel again

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