The 10 Most AMAZING Chemical Reactions (with Reactions)

You won’t believe what your eyes are seeing!

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Kevin ツ
(Hybrid Librarian©)

Brian Kennedy, Ph.D – Scientific consultant
Sam Lemonick – co-writer

Music credits: “Virtual Happiness”, by Warplex.

Images courtesy of: Stephen Morris, American Chemical Society, Thoisoi2, thenewboston, Jurnal of Chemical Education, MIT OpenCourseWare, MrHomeScientist, Science Bob, ChemToddler, DizzyCtube, NightHawkInLight, Nile Red, Geoff, Osajus,

Watch the full videos here…
Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction:


Sulfuric acid and sugar:

Briggs-Rauscher reaction:

Elephant’s toothpaste:

Single replacement reaction:

Gummy bear experiment:

Golden rain:

Pharaoh’s snake:

Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction:


Sulfuric acid and sugar:


Briggs-Rauscher reaction:

Elephant’s toothpaste:

Single replacement reaction:

Gummy bear experiment:

Golden rain:

Chemical Reactions: Lead Iodide & ‘Golden Rain’

Pharaoh’s snake:



35 responses to “The 10 Most AMAZING Chemical Reactions (with Reactions)”

  1. Wyatt Thacker Avatar

    When she teases you too long 7:19

  2. Riya Parikh Avatar

    in 2 experiment do we have to add water????

  3. Connor Fetzer Avatar

    He should have had a bigger petri dish for the pharoah's snake one.

  4. Ronald de Rooij Avatar

    The first one, the reversible reaction bothers me. What about the conservation of energy law? Was energy somehow added to the mixture?

  5. Petr Vyhlídal Avatar

    Can anyone help me? I want to be a Physicist and math teacher, but it won't work. Can somebody tell me how to be like this guy or something like that?

  6. Nathaniel Gibson Avatar

    boy I sure do love reading videos…

  7. lucas-victor Ibsen Avatar

    911 999 subs, illuminati satanists cops confirmed

  8. DoingStupidStuff Avatar

    Chemistry isn't dangerous, just don't be an idiot. Fume hoods and gloves make chemistry very safe to practice

  9. What's MyName Avatar

    For people who wanna try Elephant's toothpaste, the catalyst is Potassium Iodine (KL)

  10. Grim Dovah Avatar

    Fuck this music! Fully ruins this video. mute

  11. poisinivyisepicandwasomexD i love dragon ball z Avatar

    I have a feeling you have a good day today but the right way you have the best of your life and the right way for your family,lol

  12. Mackenzie Jennings Avatar

    I would tell a chemistry joke, but I wouldn't get a reaction.

  13. garethh4 Avatar

    Shame about the shity music

  14. Lila Bueno Avatar

    Kids so have to try this stuff at home they are really cool experiments

  15. Akarati72 Saxena Avatar

    very disturbing music

  16. ProfessorFinesser Avatar

    no wonder thermite is called thermite in R6S

  17. Broockle Avatar

    I wanna see the Pharaoh's Snake reaction in zero G.
    Would it just be an expanding sphere? xD

  18. Rudy Kurniawan Avatar

    At 9:46 The Gummy Bear Become Anger From Inside Out

  19. alex peter Avatar

    whats the song

  20. Bubbler_ Avatar

    the music gets repetitive

  21. Truly Infamous Avatar

    It is impossible to tell the difference between science and magic

  22. joelistheman staller Avatar

    if you sub to me ill sub to you

  23. Bloom stella Avatar

    ^_^ since my science teacher show this to us, now I came here for the fucking music background. Can someone tell me the title.

  24. Saif Sahil Avatar

    h2so4 and sugar .nice reaction …

  25. Rex's Stone Avatar

    Hydrogen Peroxide surely fun to play with

  26. Samantha Thomas Avatar

    the there's snakes was the best part of this video ever I've never seen nothing like it

  27. Sam Ragz Avatar

    What's the name of this song

  28. Fifi Phoebe Avatar

    Your intro music sounds like how it's made

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