Superabsorbent Polymer – Chemical Reaction

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Let’s observe the effects of Sodium polyacrylate and water. Sodium polyacrylate can absorb it’s own weight 300x over making it an amazing chemical to aid in water cleanups. What would you use it for?

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22 responses to “Superabsorbent Polymer – Chemical Reaction”

  1. Ajaman Ndair Avatar

    what salt he take into polyacrylic acid then tern to solution

  2. Tom M Avatar

    Nice video but not scientifically accurate, the absorption of the water is not a chemical reaction, it is due the physical interactions between the water molecules and polar groups in the polymer. The addition of salt greatly reduces the interactions between the water molecules and the polymer so that a lot of the water is released.

  3. MLG Doge Avatar

    After you added salt where did the polymer go? Or do you need to buy more

  4. Thelost rouge Avatar

    Base and acid? Is that how that works?

  5. Lazy Orc Avatar

    Where can I buy pants to absorb my pee while I am playing video games

  6. Jonia Evans Avatar

    its diy snow but no eaten it…kids

  7. SiepherEX Avatar

    Just thought I would mention that this is not a reaction just osmosis, which is physical action and not chemical

  8. leaf 2211 Avatar

    i would make my enemys swollow a pot full and make them dring water so they expand thust dying

  9. ShadowGaming 101 Avatar

    Its a DIY Squishy Baff!!

  10. Shark Master20 Avatar

    It's basically jelly baths

  11. thoan dao Avatar


  12. maccollectorZ (Commenting Account) Avatar

    Isn't this used in diapers or something?

  13. summer bodam Avatar

    squishy baff!!!!

  14. TheJG Rubiks Avatar

    So that's how they make squishy baff

  15. Caleb Moore Avatar

    this is what they use in diapers

  16. funnyviner Avatar

    Burrey your self init

  17. Quads Avatar

    Did you just make Blue Sky by adding salt?

  18. Trisha Go Avatar

    It is also used in diapers to suck up the pee

  19. ray ng Avatar

    That is like squishy bath

  20. KawaiiBACON815 Avatar

    You just made squishy baff

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