Sulfuric Acid and Sponge Reaction – Chemistry experiment

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  1. It works according to this principle sponge acts as a substrate or medium which retains water and action of a strong acid on water is a highly exothermic reaction which basically means that a lot of heat is produced which is enough to burn the sponge to ashes but also dont add water to acid as in that case first the solution becomes more volatile and unstable that it may cause spillings and explosions which i dont suggest youll to experience

  2. it is because the sponge is a form of plastic and plastic is corrosive , he is using concentrated sulfuric acid which is corrosive it what looks like a sponge being burnt is just basically a chemical reaction taking place

  3. Probably because you've added water which has a pH of 7 where sulphuric acid has a pH of about 1-2 so the water tries to cancel out the sulphuric acid + the acid is corrosive (that's what I think)

  4. this man is going to really hurt himself one day. talking about how it could burn his skin yet he wears no protection for his hands or eyes??

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