Sugar and Sulfuric Acid – Cool Science Experiments with Home Science

Sugar and Sulfuric Acid – Amazing Science Experiments with Home Science
Watch this cool science experiment with Sulfuric Acid and Sugar. Sulfuric acid (96%) is mixed with sugar, which is attacked by the acid. The final products are carbon, water vapor, and sulfur dioxide gas.

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23 responses to “Sugar and Sulfuric Acid – Cool Science Experiments with Home Science”

  1. Steven Moore Avatar

    They always say that sugar is harmful. Now I believe it.

  2. Eh So Avatar

    What normality H2SO4 can be used?

  3. Juniper Cat Avatar

    When you take a big shit

  4. Miley Herrera Avatar

    In the first one i think the oil la burning the sugar

  5. Miley Herrera Avatar

    Do not judge me if i am wrong because i am a 4grader

  6. amanda Avatar

    burnt elsen

  7. John Robles Avatar

    the black death risen

  8. The Lazy Gamer Avatar

    What base is the sulfuric acid?

  9. Victor Hardy Avatar

    Concentrated sulfuric acid is mixed with household suger which is attacked by the acid a dehydrating agent the final products are carbon water vapor and sulfur dioxide gas.

  10. Alexander Davronov Avatar

    Looks like production of activated carbon.

  11. Can someone buy me bleach plz? Avatar

    New way to get “fossil fuels”: dump a few human bodies inside a large tank of sulphuric acid

  12. GamingWLD Avatar

    We did this in school today and results were the same for us

  13. Michael Adams Avatar

    the sugar cubes looked like a tranformation from resident evil like seriously it was all pulsating-y and breaking apart

  14. Majcry Avatar

    Just did this in school

  15. TheUrbanAssasssin Avatar

    Whats the name of that ending song

  16. Nolito Jenno Avatar

    Can the sulfuric acid be replaced with muriatic acid?

  17. PRASAD SHIMPI Avatar

    Is this effects done in our stomach ?

  18. Sugar Tiramisu Avatar

    1:21 I think you spilled a little bit.

  19. Rajwinder Cheema Avatar

    Do not try this at home


    This is my neice kirsten hi im kirsten the three sugar cubs look like a pimple popping

  21. RJ Cooper Avatar

    How would you like to have that going on inside you? You can. All you need to do is consume animal products, which contain sulfur-containing amino acids, which metabolize into sulfuric acid. Right as the animal product foods are getting nicely metabolized, swallow an influx of sugar-containing desserts––and you too may experience (in less pure concentrations–and to a less thoroughly mixed extent) in varying proportions, what you just watched. Ever wondered why things aren't sitting just right, after a nice meal and dessert?

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