Small Welding Projects / Experiments – Weekend Welding Warrior

Some small welding experiments I did for shapes and bells and welding technique. Thought the welders out there might find them amusing.

WARNING: The video depicts acts and work that, if done wrong or used improperly, can lead to injury or death. By watching this video, you agree the video’s producer is not responsible for any such damage, injury or death. Always use proper safety procedures and safety equipment. If you don’t know, learn first or don’t do it.

DIY Umbrella Stand – Weekend Welding Warrior

DIY Welded Stud Using Stick Welder – Weekend Welding Warrior

Stick Welding – Closing a Burn/Blow Through Hole – Take 2 – Weekend Welding Warrior

Closing a Burn or Blow Through Hole When Arc Welding 1, DIY – Weekend Welding Warrior

Post Hole Auger – DIY (Weekend Welding Warrior)

Welding Nuts – 3 Tips – Weekend Welding Warrior

End Table Welding Project – Weekend Welding Warrior

DIY Corner Clamp / Jig – Weekend Welding Warrior

Burglar Bars – Swing Open – Weekend Welding Warrior

Stick Weld Light Weight (Nut) To Heavy Metal – Weekend Welding Warrior

Hidden Iron Pipe Danger – Weekend Welding Warrior

DIY Pole Stand for Umbrella, Flags, etc. – Weekend Welding Warrior Project

Welding Shrinkage Experiment 2 – Weekend Welding Warrior

Ground Rod, Stake or Post Driver Tool, DIY – Accessory

No Shirt, No Shoes…? No Problem! – Welding Safety, Asian Style

Stupid Welding Mistakes (Yes, Some Are Mine)

Welding Shrinkage / Warpage (A Fun Experiment)

DIY Costume Roman Short Sword – Weekend Welding Warrior Project

Weld Furniture Without Disassembling – Weekend Welding Warrior

DIY Welding Rod Holders – Rod Oven Alternative – Weekend Welding Warrior

DIY Wonder Wrench / Super Spanner – Stick Welding Project – Weekend Welding Warrior

Work Stool – Comfortable, Strong. Stick Welding Project – Weekend Welding Warrior

Small Welding Projects / Experiments – Weekend Welding Warrior

DIY Welding Helmet Integrated Neck Protector – Weekend Welding Warrior

Work Table Stands – Weekend Welding Warrior Project

Adjustable Stainless Feet – Weekend Welding Warrior

Leather Welding Glove – DIY Repair

Welding Setup in a Suitcase, Light, Portable, No Pickup Truck Required

Welding Shrinkage Experiment 2 – Weekend Welding Warrior

Stop Rust – Attach Stainless Feet to Cast Iron Legs – Weekend Welding Warrior

DIYTuning Forks – Weekend Welding Warrior Project

Homemade Anvil (Weekend Welding Warrior Project)

ประตูรั้วปลอดภัย (Gate Safety Modification)

Drill Bit – DIY Homemade (Weekend Welding Warrior Project)

DIY Micro-Arc-Welding Aluminum Foil

Insane micro-Welding Experiment – Welding Gum Wrapper Foil


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