Science – Sound – Sound requires a medium – English

This short animated science video in English is meant for upper primary class children (age 11-13 years). This video explains how sound travels – i.e. requires a medium to travel. It starts with a small animated video to show how sound cannot travel in vacuum. It then explains how sound can travel through liquids and solids. It also explains in details how the vibrations creates sound.


14 thought on “Science – Sound – Sound requires a medium – English”

  1. who ensures that the sound does not work in a vacuum as it works in the water?

    Has anyone tried to get the vacuum to see if you really listen to the sound?

  2. In bell jar experiment when air was drawn out no sound was produced because there was no air or particles inside but as we said vibratins were taking place and so why not the vibrations striked with bell jar and thus sound produced

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